Landscape Lighting

Light Up Your Landscape

Proper landscape lighting can make your home gorgeous, safe, and more noticeable. The right kind of lighting won’t just mean you have a house in a nice neighborhood; it will place a figurative and possibly literal spotlight upon your home.

Whether you use path lighting, deck lighting, step lighting, or something else, effective landscape lighting will enhance the quality of your yard from a functional and aesthetic perspective. You’ll want to consider not just what type of lighting you use, but how you use that lighting.

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Increasing home value with landscape lighting

Lighting for every home

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All of the Lights

Depending on where and for what purposes you use lights, you’ll want to consider a variety of options. These include, but are not limited to:

The name says it all. If you want to guide guests to a spot in your yard or to your house, these lights will bring them to that spot.

Do you have a nice deck that leads down to an equally vibrant yard? These steps will guide you and your guests and provide a nice ambiance in the evening.

Your yard is your stage, so let the spotlights shine upon the main attractions. These can accentuate trees, sculptures, architecture, or whatever you want.

Recessed into the ground, these can create a warm atmosphere without looking tacky. These can uplight trees, paths, or outdoor attractions.

A relatively novel lighting type, these can be installed into walls or structures in your yard to wash them with some nice color and brightness.

Light From All Directions

Oftentimes, the type of light you choose will correlate with how you use that light. But you may have flexibility in how you use those lights, and it’s critical to know what the lights can do. There’s uplighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, washing, and many more that can either make your yard photogenic or an eyesore.

At Western Chandelier, we have the knowledge and history to suggest a variety of high-quality options to improve the visuals of your landscape. Contact us and we can recommend the best specific landscape lighting system for your specific yard.