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Indoor lighting can have a drastic impact on the aesthetics and atmosphere of a room. Whether you choose pendants, mini-chandeliers, or linear chandeliers for your lighting source—and what size, what layers of lighting, and how you install them—can all have a major impact on the appearance of the room.

When you look to buy your lighting, ask yourself

Is it the right style for what I want the room to be?
Is it the right color, volume, and finish?
Is it the right size for my ceiling height?

Ask the Experts

The lighting industry has numerous “rules of thumb” for sizing lighting fixtures, depending on where the light is, its intensity, height, and source. Trying to remember all of the guidelines can drive even the most organized of homeowners crazy.

Western Chandelier, however, can answer all of those questions for you with our expertise. Using our FAB (Find, Ask, Buy) process will allow us to make sure you pick exactly what you need.

Buying from us or the box store

Picking the right lighting fixture


Buy What Works

A new, transitional style between contemporary and traditional will give you the sleek, modern lighting style that will improve the aesthetics and lighting of your house. You can also go mildly retro or get vintage bulbs if you want something different yet timeless.

Depending on your room’s utility, your indoor lighting may require different lighting fixtures than would be expected. With our expertise, you’ll buy exactly what you need, not what you think you need.

Find – Ask – Buy

Use our innovative online buying process to get the best deal, best service and to make sure your project comes together in a successful way.

We are an authorized dealer for thousands of lighting fixture brands.  Need help finding the perfect piece?  Follow the links on the right to some of the most popular brands.  Have a specific need or are looking for a certain design?  No problem, submit a price request and tell us as much as you can abut what you need.  Send us a picture of your space if you have it.  We’ll work with you to find the perfect fixture!

Indoor Lighting Products

Here are some links to just a few of the most popular brands of indoor lighting.  Don’t see the brand you want?  No problem, we carry thousands of brands and can get what you need!  

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