Ceiling Fans

There’s No Ceiling on Comfort

A quality ceiling fan does more than complement your home décor and make you feel cool. The right fan will provide you comfort of both your body and your mind, helping to lower your costs, lighting problems, and any inconsistencies in your home’s style. Whatever your style, lighting, or specialization you’re looking for, Western Chandelier can provide it.

Find the Right Fan

Aesthetics matter. But so do the lights on the fan, the UL rating, the mount, and the controls. What type of fan you want goes far beyond how it looks and how it integrates with the rest of your home layout. You will want to consider, for example, if you want halogen or LED lighting or even if you want lighting at all. Here are the topics to explore in more detail:



Do you want an antique fan for a vintage home, or a contemporary fan for a modern, transitional space? If you have a western interior, a rustic ceiling fan might make more sense, or if you’re near the coast, you might prefer a tropical fan. Let us know what style of home you have and the most prominent colors of your room and we can help hone your style in.


Whether you even have lighting comes down to personal preference. If your room already has sufficient lighting, you can probably do without it. But if not, do you want halogen, fluorescent, or LED lighting on your lamps? How bright, expensive, and energy-efficient do you want your lights to be? The answers to these questions will directly affect the type of lighting source you purchase.


UL Rating

The dryness or wetness rating of your fan will tell you where you should put your fan. A dry-rated fan operates best with indoor locations without exposure to humidity or water, or bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. Damp-rated fans work best in places like bathrooms and kitchens with some moisture. Finally, wet-rated fans can handle natural elements and work well on exposed patios and decks.



Where do you want to place your fan? A flush mount functions well with low-profile fans with only eight feet of space to the ground. A standard room will allow up to ten feet, while extended downrod works whenever your ceiling height exceeds ten feet. Conversely, if you have an angled wall, consider using a sloped mount.



Almost all fans use a basic pull chain to adjust their speed and lighting. If, however, you want to modernize your controls a bit, you can use remote-controlled fans or wall-controlled fans. You may also want to consider the traffic of the room and ceiling height when deciding which type of control to use.

Find Your Perfect Fan

Here are links to some popular ceiling fan manufactures



Let Us Be Your Biggest Fan

Given all of the variables above, it can seem like you have an endless option of fans for your home. Western Chandelier’s experience and expertise can help narrow those variables down to something far more manageable, and once you’ve decided upon your perfect fan, we can provide you the perfect price. Contact us so that we can provide this for you today.