Not Just Customer Service—Exemplary Personal Service

Unlike buying an electronic device, a new book, or even a piece of furniture, so many variables go into buying lighting that forgetting one factor can make the lighting look out of place.

Western Chandelier’s experience, customer-centric focus, and knowledge all ensure that you can avoid some of the more common mistakes. Our lighting experts can provide advice on the installation of your lighting and the correct fit, whether you have general lighting, ambient lighting, recessed lighting, or something else.

Most of all, we can help meet your budget needs. We know lighting can get expensive, and that you’ll want the best price. Contact us and we’ll help meet your budget needs and then some.

An Old and New School Lighting Store

Our company may have come from the 19th century, but we know modern technology just as well as we do classic lighting. If you want home automation for your lighting or the ability to control your lights with a simple app, we can help with that. Of course, if you want a more traditional look with your appliances, our team has decades of experience to assist you with that as well.

No matter the era, style, brand, or fit of your lighting fixture, our lighting experts can help you get what you want for the best price. Contact us today so we can light up your home as you’ve always dreamed.